Saturday, 7 August 2010

Wasabi cheese

During a recent trip to my local Billa supermarket an oddity at the cheese counter caught my eye: green-colored cheese.  And last time I checked St. Paddy's day was in March not in August. The label read Wasabi Gouda. WTF? Was this the latest lame attempt of making a plain product or dish sound interesting by hitching a ride on the Wasabi bandwagon? Except the coated peas I developed a dislike for all other Wasabi byproducts. But I still had to give any green cheese a fighting chance by at least giving it a try.

Aaaaand..... it was good. Really tasty. Gouda texture and a distinct, but not overpowering Wasabi taste. According to the list of ingredients it contains horseradish and Wasabi paste. I will definitely buy it more often.


  1. Really?! I didn't care for the taste at all! Maybe because I dislike Gouda cheese in the first place and making it green didn't make it any better. I couldn't taste much wasabi either. Making a grilled cheese sandwich with it was fun though. ;-)

    Here's photo of the result:

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