Thursday, 31 December 2009

My 2010 food resolutions

Your average New Year's resolutions are way too general and lame. You know the kind of I want to lose weight, I want to earn more money, I want more time for myself, bla bla bla.... Resolutions regarding all things food, however, are much more detailled...and achievable. At least in my humble mind. So here they are, my food resolutions for 2010:
  1. Stick with this blog - I've started it. I've told people about it. Now I bloody hell make sure I stick it out.... AND post regularly and informatively.

  2. Sort out my spices - the state of my spice rack... well... let's put it that way, I'm pretty sure more than half is way past the use-by-date. So out with the old and in with some new ones. And I'll have to think of better storage solutions as well.

  3. Clear out store cupboard black hole - the word black hole says everything. Things get lost in there never to be seen - and eaten - again. I'm a bit afraid what I will find once I get to the very back of it. A colony of fungal termites? Nutella? 

  4. Less junk for lunch - at work during lunch I either nothing at all...and in the afternoon I'm starving and stuffing myself with random food-related items I discover in the office kitchen corner... like the cookies we put on the conference table for visiting clients. Or I head out to the supermarket across the street to buy a healthy lunch of  Kaiser roll with cheese, sliced turkey breast and gherkins. On rare occasions I meet up with friends/clients/colleagues for a proper sit down lunch. As Vienna lacks the likes of Pret-A-Manger, M&S Simply Food, etc. I have only limited choices for a healthier office lunchings: schlepp lunchboxes from home more creative when shopping for lunch at the supermarket, I guess.

  5. Eat breakfast before leaving the house - I am a breakfast person. No doubt about that. I feel better, am more alert and more productive when having had breakfast before leaving for work. So why exactly do I eat breakfast only once or twice a week??? Get out of bed earlier, you lazy bum!!!

  6. Make bread - I've never baked bread before. Cakes, pies, cookies, yes... but bread? Except for an attempt at french rolls a couple of years ago (and you can't count that as bread, right?), I have zero, zilch, nada experience on that front. Methinks it's time to change that.

  7. Take the basic wine course - this one is way overdue. A few years ago I signed up to take the basic wine seminar at the Weinakademie Österreich, the Austrian Wine Academy (approved by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust). Somehow my work schedule didn't agree with the seminar schedule and I had to drop out before the first course even started. So 2010 shall be the year I redeem myself... wine-wise.

  8. Less kitchen waste - especially my excessive use of paper towels for everything: cleaning knifes, wiping surfaces, drying hands, blowing nose, cleaning my glasses, etc. I am planning to rediscover sponges, kitchen towels and microfiber cloths.

  9. More creative BBQing - I want to move beyond the horizon of burger patties, sausages, chicken skewers, chicken wings, foil-wrapped potatoes and the occasional sliced zucchini or aubergine. Maybe fish? How daring. 

  10. Discover books by chefs other than Jamie, Gordon and Bill (Granger) - Ok, I have one Thomasina Miers and one James Martin (for desserts) as well, but that's it. I hear there's lots more out there: Rick Stein, John Torode, Ken Hom.... any suggestions?
That's it. In one year from now, I shall inform you - via this blog - how I fared on each and every one of my resolutions.

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